Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vibrant Kasor

We Welcomes you in our E-Village Our Vibrant Kasor is Located in Gujarat State and Anand District.This Blog Written for the person Who Directly or Indirectly Relationship with Kasor Village.If you have any Comment or Want to Write new things it will be very Appreciated For us.

In our Village over 15000 People Leaved.There are Over 16 Cast in Kasor which is Biggest For Any Villages in ANAND District.There were over 8000 people of Hindu and 7000 are other Cast..In our Village all Facilities Provided by the Government which is Road Transportation and Town Facilities like, Garden , Playing ground, Schools,etc.In Kasor very Popular Item is BHAJIYA . Everyday Over 50k.g Bhajiya eat by villagers Even nearest villagers are also Purchase.Next Popular and very Believable is Dholeshwar Mahadev Temple in Every Shravan Month's Last Monday Organize Fair .In this Fair huge People are Coming.Here,and also Organize Shivratri.

In Kasor's People always Known by his Unity and Honesty.Since Freedom ,History of this Village Born With Freedom.This Village have Never faced SLAVERY of Anyone and faced soldier to soldier Required momentum Problems.Give Respect of Guest and Friendship Relationship is Motto of our Village.If Comes any Enemy in our Town than We are Ready to beat them in his Wall Kasor is also known for that.Overall,Kasor is very Bad For his Enemy.Now a Days,Many People Leave In out Of Kasor which leave in India or Outside India. Every people has Own Personality and makes our village Name bigger to better.In our Village have more than 75% Educated People which is Honorable for every villagers.

This Article Wrote for Kasor only and I am sure the t you really like it.
....Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat.....

............Jay Dholeswer Mahadev........